• Intro

    This blog was created to my Mom, for my Mom to save lives. By letting you inside of my world on alcoholism and it's effects on everyone around it. I’ll show you it's main outcome and all of the damage it creates along the way.

    I will warn you ahead of time that as this blog goes on and blossoms into 10 chapters, each chapter will become more personal and intense. That is exactly how I wanted it to unfold. It took me almost a year to finalize it. I'm proud of it and I hope it is shared among hundreds or even thousands. I hope it touches lives.

    Each chapter's page will have a song attached to it on the bottom. It took me a long time to pick out an appropriate song for each chapter. So remember to hit play before you start to read, so you can read it with the song in the background. It adds a special touch with the music.

    Share this with any and all that you know, please! Feel free to comment if you'd like.